Privacy Policy

Updated On: 19/ June/2023

This Privacy (“Policy”) applies to securing and processing of personal data by Pulperro Dot Com in connection with personal data provided by any person (“User”) who has purchased or intends to purchase or inquiries about any product(s) or service(s) made by Pulperro Dot Com through any of Pulperro ’s interface channels including website, mobile site and mobile app (collectively referred herein as“ Sales Channels”).

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Personal Details Collection : What and How

To successfully deliver products and services of our brand and complete legal obligations towards third parties, Pulperro Dot Com collects information as given below. The user is asked to give personal information which contains information shared by him/her. The purpose for which it is collected is mentioned below:

Registration on the website –

The customer information which is entered into while subscribing or registering such as name, gender, marital status, age, religion, contact details such as email, postal address, frequent flyer number, telephone, fax number. The information can also involve the user's banking details (including credit/debit card), income, lifestyle, billing information payment history, etc.

Our company utilizes the customer information for the following purposes:
Registering a member-

To be a registered member on the website, the customer information is collected for various purposes such as

1. Recognition of user

2. Fulfilling the travel reservations

3. Assisting us in customer support services if any

4. Meeting particular needs of user

5. Improving our products and services

6. Confirming the registration of new user and their subsequent booking on the website Booking a service-

Information like name, age, address, contact details are necessary to be given to various service providers for airlines, hotel or bus booking.

Sending promotional offers- Pulperro Dot Com uses the information such as mobile number and email address provided by the customer for sending the promotional offers. The website sponsors lucky draws and promotions to offer the users an opportunity to win discount on travel and other prizes. It is dependent on the user to unsubscribe to these options.

• Conducting surveys- Believing in valuing our customers views and opinions, our company conducts surveys by using their personal information. The customer has the choice to participate in such surveys. By conducting these surveys, Pulperro Dot Com tries and does efforts to make its website and app user friendly. The identity of participants is kept anonymous unless particularly mentioned.

• Safeguarding sensitive information- The sensitive information which contains the banking details(credit/debit cards) is provided for the processing of payment to the gateway or banks and not to our company. The information if still saved by the user on our website or app remains completely safe excluding the one which has been shared with the third party if any by the user himself or herself to avail any discount or promotional offer.

Cookies And Automatic Logging of Session Data :

Cookies: Cookies means the small pieces of information that are stored by the browser of the user on his or her hard disk. The use of cookies is done to enhance the experience of accessing and using our website. It is much similar to that of some reputable company. Also, these cookies assist in making the accessing process to the website easier by not requiring login details every time (except the password). Along with this, with the help of them, the user is shown advertisements and offers.

A cookie can be used to advertise third party's content. Such kind of cookies are utilised to test the effectiveness of advertising given by our company on any website. To check upon the effectiveness of advertisements, third party companies or advertisers can employ competent technology for the same. All the information is anonymous. The anonymous information collection is done with the use of pixel tag which is known for industry standard technology and is utilised successfully by many major websites.

This information can be used to show advertisements to the customer based on their interest areas. The customer's personal information is not collected here. All of it is anonymous, and does not link online actions to the user.

The acceptance of cookies is automatically done by some of the browsers. Whereas on the other hand, by changing some options on web browser being used by the customer or by using specific software programs, user can take control regarding acceptance of cookies. Pulperro Dot Com respects user's choice and right to block any unwanted activity. However, blocking our own company's cookies may create some obstacle in having a clear good experience while using the website as some features might not get showed up then. Please note that cookies from certain companies can be blocked while accepting the cookies from the company you believe in.

Automatic logging of session data: The session data of the user is recorded which involves the IP address, browser software, operating system and the activities on device. It is recorded to analyze the user behavior. It gives us opportunity to identify the hurdles in servers and systems. This information nowhere identifies any customer personally but just analyses their geographical location.

Content Created By the User

Our company, Pulperro , allows the users to share their experiences by participating in polls, reviews and ratings. The customer can share their answers to the queries put up by some other people regarding services offered by our website. Though participating in the feedback process is purely optional, but the user can still receive emails, notifications through SMS, app, website to share reviews and ratings.

The reviews being written can also be shown on other travel related platforms. The information shared by the user such as photos, reviews is all contained in his or her profile which other users can access. The other users can see the number of trips, reviews, asked and answered queries and photographs posted about us.

Information Disclosure :

Along with the above mentioned information, the personal information of the user may be disclosed in the following situations:

  • for conducting business
  • for auditing and internal compliances
  • securing the systems
  • to complete legal obligations required by any enforcement authority, or court order, or in reference to any legal procedure
  • for protecting the rights or properties of our company or any of its affiliates, employees, directors, etc. if it is being observed that disclosure of such personal information is significant to identify and bring about any legal action against someone interfering with its properties or rights, intentionally or otherwise, or someone gets harmed by such activities All such disclosing of personal information takes place without the permission of the user. The loss suffered, if any, due to such disclosure and storage does not make Pulperro liable.
  • or properties of our company or any of its affiliates, employees, directors, etc. if it is being observed that disclosure of such personal information is significant to identify and bring about any legal action against someone interfering with its properties or rights, intentionally or otherwise, or someone gets harmed by such activities

    Pulperro reserves the right to change the privacy policy at any time.